17 febrero 2009

W B- Origen of species

Work in Work turn out Work destroy valium metaphors Work function bodies Universe Work off Work nonsense Work in a hole Work for the density Work trash monster Work like an origen Work to Work for Work weirdo Work with out oxygen Work since terror Work eat fireworks montains Work sound metronome Work monsoon Work sense the graveyard Work mortal knife Work homicide Work states of consciousness Work gold medal craneo Work solo Work under presion Work animal blooding Work bomb Work mutilate photographer Work at the transmission Work at holocaust Work cancer Work true reasons Work illness methods Work black hole heads Work tourniquet enemas Work dominium Work slavers tails Work motor lights substitution Work mental breaks Work zombies animals politics Works horror asfixia Work in progress almost Work alien idiom Work state ism Work correct translation Work ornament Work labels space Work weapon backyard Work status quo venial melody Work contemplation a tenement Work order fallen system Work desert vagina Work tumulus territory eyes Work heretic movements Work toc trac toc train Work machine vampiria Work material crashing Work residuum glasses Work traquea pain Work in to Work military apply Work nudest as the mind Work mental assassin Work ocean arms Work expulsion explosion dimension Work necessity folder Work quantum reaction Work madness pornography Work traitor cinema perv Work all compression Work old decision Work the last human screen Work nuclear prototype armies Work heroin dreams Work position solid Work fresh danger Work pineal land cannibal carnival Work judas target Work movement apathy Work halogen spirits emplacement Work infinity mutant tippers Work ordinary simplicity gelid amalgama Work tornasol tongue Work travestism ballistic crime Work colective religion android Work tarantula sober Work antique perv critical sub reflex Work troglodyte appearance Work shadows redention Work clock colorfull paradoja Work artifact portal globule Work frightened swim Work magnet entellus Work zoo light manifest Work asthma dance tubular laser punition Work speed race lunatic Work neon trailer line furious Work revival xtintion Work drogues ecos Work skylines trophy rays Work wrk Work bastard arithmetic zero Work emporium syndicates silicon Work tree quest version natural anarquism Work thinking rains addiction sugar muladar cristalizated night vision polar cargament dans le week pollution racial hygiene skulls structures taladro arcadium difference illumination messianic animas supplies Work on calaveras road Work planet invasion Work lost soul foreigner marabuntas fouls Work at the last pain Work intermittent visceral life Work blood tasting dark stigma Work mouth eyes noise air guns Work subway energy gravitation disco Work roach juice manjar poverty Work skin larva sediment Work velvet fire ass Work x y sampler transference digital rainbow hell Work brain radial spacebar Work revenge venom Work mortal pregnancy hermaphrodite spite on revolver and vulvae organism Work jingle thunder workers Work axe versus harm Work hearths rhythm apocalypses Work colossus walk mark dark region of Work and Work end Work software waves complexion conductism

Work since human being at the last machinery manual substitution efficiency
De: Victor Ibarra

5 comentarios:

arien3notas dijo...

working to some day be poetry

thanks for such hard work

kisses for you, a thousand kisses to stain


Anónimo dijo...

Están por la verga mancha y todos sus achichincles.

MANCHA dijo...

besitos a todos los lectores de mancha

edegortari dijo...

Pinches anónimos, cómo joden. No le entendí mucho pero chido. Saludos.

VUK dijo...

bestia, muy bestia. me encanta!